The Beginning

The Beginning

“The Beginning”

Exhibition of glass art by students and professors
from the Glass Department of the Anadolu
University and the Glass Studio of NBU

UniArt Gallery, New Bulgarian University

31.10.2023 – 30.11.2023

Opening: 8.10.2023


Curators: Prof. Mustafa Ağatekin and Monika Naydenova, PhD


There is a development process that started with the acceptance of glass in the field of art and expanded the possibilities of artistic expression with the contributions of not only glass but also artists from other art fields in the 20th century. This process has also been supported by contemporary approaches such as expanding the determinism and boundaries of technical language with concepts such as originality and creativity. It is seen that one of the most important factors is the spread of individual artist studios at this point and this creates an ever-growing environment with glass art associations, schools, galleries and collections created in this area.

This exhibition held as part of the Bulgarian Glass Biennale is a very important opportunity and a starting point for the two countries to take their place in this rapidly growing and developing environment, to increase the recognition of artistic potential and to be able to collaborate in the future. I wish this beautiful beginning to grow and develop over the years.


Prof. Mustafa Ağatekin

Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty

Head of Glass Department



The name of the exhibition can only hint towards the story behind the exhibition.

About the BEGINNING of an academic year filled with hope and inspiration…

About young artists, supported at the BEGINNING of their creative journey...

About the BEGINNING of a collaboration between two higher education institutions promoting the art of glass...


I thank New Bulgarian University and the wonderful space of the UniArt gallery for the support and the opportunity to realize this exhibition and thus set the BEGINNING of our partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts at Anadolu University.


Monika Naydenova, PhD