Seminar with Hungarian photographer Janos Eifert

Seminar with Hungarian photographer Janos Eifert




with Hungarian photographer Janos Eifert



within the frames of MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2014






5 June, 11:00 a.m.

UniArt Gallery




Janos Eifert (b. 1943) is one of the well known representatives and determinative personalities of his profession both at home and abroad. His works cannot be sorted in a category of solid style; he is versatile, renews his art constantly and finds experimental forms. His fame is based on his photos in different themes like dance, nude, nature and applied photography. Eifert is working as a teacher, performer, specialist, writer and expert.


Janos Eifert has had 160 own exhibitions and 650 group exhibitions, won 168 awards, prizes and diplomas. His photos, photoreports and articles have been published regulary in the specialist press and magazines at home and abroad, in books and publications, in the electronic media. His photos have been used as scenery and sets in theaters and also in movies and several television programs.