The artist is a pretentious person who seeks to retell the world to us. They insist on giving us their own version of it. With this, two things happen: it gives us an opportunity to compare our ideas with theirs and to get closer to their world, which is a kind of spiritual intimacy.

What is painted is first of all feeling, then form. The artist is not impressed by the outlines they see at first, but by the impression they make, by the feeling they create, and depending on whether they are new, whether they bring back memories, or push into reverie, the artist also chooses their attitude towards them. When they're new, it's just “Ah...”. When they recall a memory, they create an enriched re-experience of it. When they create a dream of “after”, they create hope and anticipation, the power of which everyone knows. That is why communication with artists has always been so desired by emperors, kings, nobles... By all who rule the present, but do not create for you the affection of the past and the excitement of the future that has not yet happened, but is expected. So, these social representatives buy the better-ordered external image of themselves through portraiture, and above all, the possibility of being situated in eternity, which the natural view offers as a background for their painted image.

Returning to a sense of eternity is most easily achieved through communion with nature and through science and art. I thus chose the title Restart. Mostly in order for us to feel the primordial. The point of departure not chosen by us, our movement in time and the ellipsis of awaiting an end. The variety of natural scenes and states, into which I gaze insightfully more and more often, make me marvel at the Creator's kaleidoscopic ability. At the opportunity to participate in it by planting a flower or a tree, but without dominating.

The second topic is the calmness and apparent slowness of the Arab world, bordering on humility. Another beginning that gave birth to scientific discoveries, architecture and the art, which save the world without insisting – only if you choose them. With a canonical script, demanding calligraphic attention and undoubtedly ensuring the secrecy of what is created and offered to other believers, used as a clandestine key to those who seek to learn. So it is with the scripts of the creator nations – with the Chinese, with the Indian... They all say: “We give you access to what we have achieved, but you must make an effort to learn the code of our specificity.” And it is like an Arabic padlock. All padlocks in the world work on approximately the same principle. Only the Arabic ones do not. Because they are guardians of the very thing whose importance is emphasised by this padlocked inaccessibility.

Returning to this sense of calm, confidence and hope, to this restart, is my attempt at getting close to you – a closeness that only art shared without unnecessary pretension allows…


Lyudmil Georgiev