Opening: 21.04.2022, 18:00 ч.


wool, wadding, clay, sisal, extruded polystyrene foam 

Lucid Dreaming is an art installation about human greed, money, power and social commitment. It all started as a socially engaged art project made for working with children. The artwork examines a person while dreaming. A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. This awareness allows them to control the narrative and environment. However, a dreamer is just an observer in a non-existing world – they are only a bystander in reality. The main elements of the art installation are the cotton candy, the net bag and the human figure.

The cotton candy.

Sugar craving is a side of human nature and I use the cotton candy as a metaphor for greediness. Cotton candy consists mainly of sugar and 'dissolves' in the mass of accumulated water, losing its texture in the process. That big mass of fluff and air disappears in a few seconds.

The net bag.

I barely remember these bags from the time I was a kid. The so-called socialist bag, popular in Bulgaria during the 20th century, was created to fit a voluminous amount of products, but was used at a time when shops were empty. The net allows everyone to see what is in the bag.

The human figure.

At the centre of the space are situated human figures carrying huge net bags and fully bent over the load.

The questions the work aims to ask are:

What am I doing to improve what I don’t like about reality? Am I socially engaged? Do I help others?

Every little action has value.

Take action!