On 9th May (Tuesday) at 18:00, the UniArt Gallery of NBU will open the exhibition of Stefka Doncheva Alchemy of Nature. In her 17 panels, the author experiments with an unusual set of materials: agate, mountain crystal, amethyst, pyrite, sand, cement, pigments, and structural pastes, which, like an alchemical process, acquire a new transformative power, becoming art. To these materials must be added another mysterious component, the absence of which would make the completion of the creative process practically impossible. Like ether, which creates unbreakable bonds between all other elements, epoxy resin fuses matter in a unique way.

The result of these creative searches and magical experiments are abstract poetic images that invite the viewer to an individual experience.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a harp performance by the young musician from NBU Alexandrina Kushinchanova.

The exhibition will last until 25th May 2023, and is a joint curatorial project of the students Stefka Doncheva, Desislava Ivanova, Karina-Luiza Indjova, Bilyana Kostova, Nia Maslarska, Miroslava Savova from the "Art Studies and Art Management" program at NBU.